The Gospel to the Whole World (Starting in Buffalo NY)


NBCC Sends a Team to Haiti 

Haiti kids

God Opened Up A Way to Haiti

Hurricane Matthew did major damage to the islands in the Caribbean Ocean.

We also know that several US eastern seaboard states sustained a lot of damage.

Houses need mud out relief workers as well as water damage workers.

Our church had committed to sending a few people for a short-term mission

trip to Haiti originally scheduled for Oct 5th-Oct 12th. Hurricane Matthew interrupted

those plans and we had to reschedule this trip.

It was the morning of October 26, the team of 15 jumped on a plane and 1 person

flew in from Atlanta Ga. We met up in Ft. Lauderdale and made our way to the

Capital City of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.

I want to thank the Chapel at Cross Point for offering this opportunity to the

churches of Western New York. I especially appreciated the strong leadership

of the Rev. Leroy Wiggins Jr. He led us with courage and compassion.


NBCC Sends a Team to GA

A team of 5 from the North Buffalo Community church, SBC

is off to do another short term missions trip to Marietta GA. We

have teamed up with Dexter Hardy to assist in the activities regarding

planting churches in and around Marietta Georgia. Pray for this team

as they travel during July 13-20th, 2013.

We thank Robert & Belinda Lee for joining our team in Smyrna GA

and also in Marietta. They worked hard and were a pleasure to partner with.




Reaching out to the Quilomboa

People in Eastern Brazil

Mission Brazil

November 2011

North Buffalo Community Church joined  Keith and Deborah Jefferson

as well as others to share the gospel with those who are in darkness.



Mission Zambia

Partnering with Troy and Tracey Lewis

Zambian Team 2010

Our Job is to Take the Message of God’s Love to the Whole World!

Acts 1:8 demands that we be the Lord’s witnesses in

Jerusalem represents our “Hometown” Buffalo NY

Judea – represents our surrounding “State” New York

Samaria – represents our connected & “United States” USA

Ends of the Earth – represents all of the far flung places of the world